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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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close calls as the first storm >> live, from the cbs bay area studios studios, this is kpix5 news. >> pouring rain, howling wind. a night of close calls as the first storm of the year tearing through the bay area. >> let's get to chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> it is still raining in the south bay. an inch in the course of three hours. the evening has been the wettest we have had in 60 days. san jose, rain for you. milpitas. 680, you got slammed as well. san ramon, dublin. all the rain is starting to wind down, but look at these rainfall totals. the north bay got the most. mountains up in sonoma county.
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eight inches of rain. lake sonoma, five inches of rain. guerneville, three inches of rain. half an inch for mountain view. palo alto, dublin, all more than an inch of rainfall. san rafael, an inch-and-a-half. concord, an inch-and-a-half, vacaville. inch-and-a-half. round one brought a lot of wind. 75 miles an hour wind gusts in mount diablo. wind advisory, rains wrapping up, but the wind is with us five more hours. we could see more gusts up to 50 miles an hour. this is just round one and round two we will talk about later. >> thank you paul. let's go to christin ayers checking on the east bay. >> reporter: we are here in north oakland. there was rain coming down in sheets earlier this evening.
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some minor flooding here and in emeryville as well. but the big story tonight, some dangerously gusty winds. the wind that whipped through the east bay hills this evening did not just knock over this tree. it ripped it completely from its roots. >> sometimes when the winds are incredibly high, they fall over and take a bunch of roots and soil with them and create a big crater in the ground. >> reporter: the pine came across two yards before coming to rest on the home thomas bang rents out. it punctures the roof of this home. roofers were patching it up today. they will not be able to remove the tree until tomorrow. >> nobody was hurt. no pets or humans. >> reporter: no one was hurt earlier today over in alamo as
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well. pg&e crews scrambled from one outage to another. firefighters closed part of adeline street. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> san jose is getting a drenching too. juliette goodrich is standing by in the soggy south bay. >> reporter: there has been a steady downpour of rain in the south bay all evening. many streets in san jose, this one in particular, heading, and san pedro had plenty of water in the streets. people spent the evening covered with umbrellas weathering the rainstorm. the down power continued all evening. in palo alto, rain and wind made the friday evening stroll downtown very wet. and windy and cold. but they all took it in stride. in palo alto, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> and joe vasquez has been checking out san francisco and the peninsula. he ended up in burrlinggame.
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how is it? >> reporter: the rain has tapered off, but the wind is causing a bit of a scene. >> it is wet. and it is a beautiful friday night. >> reporter: the rain throughout the peninsula has been steady. >> honestly, i hate the rain, but it is good it is raining. >> reporter: you will find standing water in the usual places but we didn't see any flooding. high winds are the hallmark of this storm. fire crews responded to four fallen trees in san francisco's mission district tonight. >> it unrooted the whole tree. >> this tree crashed into donna nuno's car. >> that is my carment i didn't think this would happen but the winds are really crazy. >> reporter: at the
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embarcadero, it got very treacherous. especially if you are taking a selfie. look out. >> this is a nice change, we need it. >> reporter: today's storm marks tend of a record 43 straight days without rain. that is the longest winter dry stretch in bay area recorded history. >> it was coming down pretty good here. >> yep. but you know, it is friday. people are going to come out and have a good time. yadda, stuff like that. >> reporter: what is that part? >> everything that comes along with it. people want to have a good time. and it is the first friday of the month. stuff like that. so you know. rain or shine. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. the storm hit the north bay first. city crews lined the street with sandbags to prevent the road from completely flooding. rainwater is running into some vineyards in sonoma county.
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it is threatening to flood storage and tasting rooms just like in the december storm. and we saw a lot of scenes like this one in san jose today. this pickup collided with another car. camden avenue, four people were hurt, but the injuries are not serious. tonight, lots of you are sharing your storm photos with us. a user by the name of l posted this picture on instagram from san francisco. a tree came down, took down a high voltage power line. l says more damage than hellastorm. that was the big storm in december. but we need it. we have seen a lot of trees down and they have knocked down power in the bay area. lots of people without electricity tonight. there are more than 3400 outages in the north bay. 2,000 in san francisco, and along the peninsula. 3,000 over the east bay. and almost a thousand in the south bay. let's take a live look at
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sfo. it is still a mess. airlines canceled 200 flights today. planes that are taking off and landing are delayed anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. the central valley is also getting a soaking. that is good for farmers who desperately need the water. people in sacramento also saw this. lightning zigzagging across the sky. and check out lake tahoe. surf's up. high winds created powerful waves strong enough for some die hards to wax their boards and try to hang ten. and there is fresh snow in the sierra. the rain actually turned into snow at lower elevations than expected. that made for slow going up 80 and 50. and you can get the latest forecasts for your neighborhood any time on your smartphone. jordan's government says they don't believe claims by isis that an air strike killed an american woman.
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jordanian airplanes targeted strongholds for a second time for the death of one of their pilots. isis has been holding 26-year- old kayla mueller hostage. they claim she was killed when a missile hit this building. they have no evidence that mueller is dead, but officials are looking into it. at midnight tonight, all 29 ports on the west coast are closing for the weekend. the pacific maritime association said it doesn't need to hire dock workers for tomorrow or sunday. nothing will get unloaded or loaded anywhere including the port of oakland. it is part of a contract dispute with no end in sight. the union has choice words about the shutdown. >> i don't know what these guys are drinking or smoking there in the big corporate office buildings. >> the shutdown might become permanent on monday. that is when port operators are threatening to lock out the
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workers. the uc system is going to require all students to get vaccinated for the measles. this is in response to the huge outbreak that started at the end of december at disneyland. the meals are not the only ones on the list. others will be chickenpox and whooping pox. it kicks in for the 2017 school year. and you are looking inside what will soon be called the priscilla and mark zuckerberg general hospital and trauma center. that is because the facebook founder has given the hospital $75 million. that is one of the largest donations to any hospital ever. the money will go to new equipment and technology. a guy got away with more than $40,000 in jewels from a store in fresno. but wait until you see how he did it. video shows him repelling through the roof and swiping
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the goods from every shelf he can find. when he is done, he pulls himself and his trash bag full of loot back up. tonight, a suspected high end art thief is on the run after marshall say he snuck out of the san francisco federal building. andria borba dug into the guy's lavish past. >> reporter: he rented his vegas house to michael jackson. he bought a mansion from cheech marin. he gave $3 million to a school in san francisco. luke brognero grew up in san francisco. he is known as lucky luke. yesterday, while meeting with his lawyers in the federal courthouse, he slipped out of custody and out the front the court. lucky luke was charged for allegedly not paying for $11 million in art.
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in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect
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with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> tonight, bay area schools are on notice. bonus invoices may be in the
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mail. allen martin reports investigators believe the man behind the scheme has defrauded thousands of schools. >> reporter: when a cbs news crew caught up to robert armstrong in new jersey, he was a man of few words. >> can i ask you about ... >> reporter: while not talkative, he was very active. he was sending out tens of thousands of bogus invoices to schools across the country including the bay area. armstrong eventually agreed to talk. >> invoices were sent. some were not authorized. that is pretty much all i can say. thank you. >> reporter: the criminal complaint against armstrong outlines the fake invoice scheme from a fake company called scholastic school supplies. payments went to drop boxes in las vegas and new jersey. >> it really looked legit. >> reporter: elsa roberts, the
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sharp-eyed account clerk at terra nova in pacifica received one of those notice. >> he was kind enough to give me an envelope that was preaddressed. >> reporter: the more she investigated, the more numbers didn't add up. >> i asked the teachers. nobody was able to tell me anything about it. neither was the library. i asked the principal and she said i didn't order it. let's contact them. >> reporter: the numbers were fake too. so she went online and as it turned out, joined hundreds of other schools in filing a complaint. but not all schools caught on. the court documents mentioned a victim school in san francisco. the public school district declined our request for an interview, but said none of the invoices were paid. armstrong is charged with mail fraud because he allegedly used
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the u.s. postal services to send the invoices. casting a wide net and billing for acceptable amounts are typical in fraud cases. >> they may understand what your minimum amount is you need a signature for the supervisor and say the bill, you are late. doing what they can to make you think you have to pay it. >> reporter: but elsa roberts says no school can afford the lose money. >> you have $650 to throw away? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix5. >> robert armstrong was arrested in october and charged with mail fraud. he is out on bail right now. inspectors seized five bank accounts contains more than $281,000. palo alto police are take ago new approach to shed light on a murder case that has gone cold. juliette goodrich on the strategy to catch a killer. >> ten more units. >> reporter: june 10, 2001, young college student maria
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show was shot once in the head standing outside palo alto's q cafe just after midnight. she was with her friends celebrating her 21st birthday. >> it was a chaotic scene. there were people screaming. lights flashing. and i immediately began performing cpr on maria with one of my partners. >> reporter: 13.5 years later and a kill sore still at large. no witnesses have come forward and no weapon is recovered but the palo alto police department says no one has forgotten about this case. no one has forgotten about maria. the police department is hoping the release of a ten minute video and the power of social media will help solve this cold case. >> largely, the trail is cold. something has to bring this information forward. >> reporter: marie was was studying art.
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she had no enemies. her sister and terminally ill father appear in the video asking for the public's health. >> we just wanted to get together with a bunch of friends and go out for dinner. >> reporter: an award is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the killer. juliette goodrich, kpix5. tonight, we have proof, a side show filmed in oakland was in fact for a music video. ♪ [ music ] ♪ a crowd of people watching these cars spinning donuts on january 25 for an online mix tape that was just released. just standing there watching can land you in trouble. we are getting a peek at the grammy award ceremony
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happening sunday. the seating chart is in and the stage is set for the biggest night in music. expect star studded performances including a duet from tony bennett and lady gaga. >> we are playing a song from the great fred astair. it is some of america's greatest music. >> beyonce will also hit the stage. she has broken a record as the most nominated female artist in gramny history. you can watch the grammies sunday night right here on kpix5 followed by a special edition of kpix5 news at 11:30. what the you just go sit next to her. >> see if people notice? >> try it. see what happens. >> we will be best friends by the end of the show. [ laughter ] sunday night, we will be here and we will be talking
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about rainfall continuing then. it is not going to be done even sunday night. we will get a break. most of tomorrow will be a break, but more rain is coming. look at the radar, we are clearing out tonight. it was a day where it started in the north bay, rained on and off throughout the day. still not completely clear yet. morgan hill, gilroy, you are still getting rain. watsonville, holster. showers continue tonight. you may have noticed outside, yeah, it was raining but it was warm, humid. the wind was coming out of the south. that will keep our overnight lows tonight pretty close to 60 degrees. concord, 55. san jose, 53. san rafael, 55. mother nature has now set up train tracks we call the jet stream. the path of least resistance. the storms will follow one after the other after the other. thankfully, this is all happening because the same ridge that kept us dry for six weeks is now sitting over
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arizona allowing the train tracks to be set upright over the top of us. round one is moving out. here is round two. you can't see the rain yet, but you can see the cloud cover. it is coming, it will get here on sunday morning. so the first wave of low pressure is moving out tonight. there is another one tomorrow that will miss us. seattle will get that one. but the next one for us will get here sunday. sunday morning, the rain will be coming down, heavy at times and we will be adding to the rainfall totals. this is what we expect over the entire four-day period by the time we wrap up monday morningful south bay, one to two inches of rain. east bay, one to three inches of rainfall. look at the north bay. topping out at eight inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. so windy, but the rain tapers off, the breeze will be around until sunrise tomorrow. still unsettled. then sunday, here comes the rain once again. fan fest for the as . they have to do all the stuff under the concourse because the field will be soggy.
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vallejo, 64. a mixture of showers and sun in fremont. san francisco, 65. extended forecast. tomorrow, just a few showers. mainly dry. sunday, the wet stuff is coming back. monday morning, a few showers. high pressure says hello, i want to come back and highs around 70 degrees much of next week, but wet again sunday. >> couldn't keep away the high pressure. >> we need more rain. high pressure stay away. >> steady rain. >> uh-huh. all right, coming up, why pieces of mail like this from all over the world are flooding a bay area post office.
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>> tonight, a stinson beach post office is dead center for some fans of the legendary grateful dead. >> tens of thousands of pieces of mail are pouring in for people wanting tickets from the band's farewell show. in some cases, the envelopes are like pieces of art. they are available through a mail order system. first come, first serve. ♪ [ music ] ♪
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>> fans, if they get tickets, will make the trip to chicago in july. the dead is billing the show as a celebration of 50 years of music. you are a billy fan right? >> i saw the grateful dead. 1988. it was awesome. just as many people were dancing in the hall as we are inside. >> uh-huh. if you call it dancing. >> sure. >> you would call it that. >> just people having a good time. speaking of good time. another crossover from the 49ers to the raiders. we will tell you who. and the warriors were banging. kind of a mirror image. east
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>> nba finals preview. east side, west side. two best records in the nba going at it. warriors up against the atlanta hawks. steve kerr and the dubs. look at them. great open looks. jeff teague. and atlanta is up nine. they are only losers of nine
11:29 pm
going in. best of the east rolling. right back in golden state. klay thompson, he hits. he had 29. dubs uphill battle all the way. here is steph curry. a little slicing and dicing. yeah. got to within five late. steph with 26. but atlanta really shot well from the floor. they spread their teammates around. 12th ranked stanford in red at arizona state. emotion behind this one. the cardinals only lost at one to the sun devils. yeah, so here is lili thompson. here came the sun devils inside. quinn dornstouter, the destroyer. but they did not score the last five-and-a-half minutes of the game. stanford's last chance to win.
11:30 pm
briana riverson. arizona state won 53-52. ken norton jr. formerly with the 49ers now the defensive coordinator for the oakland raiders. time for the top five. louisville strengthening coach. yeah. all that screaming. oh man. number four, torey pines. this ever happen to you? this is at the 18th. a double bogey. seven. so number three. loni, six, seven, four, ten. no football experience. byu? signed them on the spot. yeah. number two, indiana, solomon hill. to the rock. stopped cleveland's 12-game win streak. >> the screen and the drive.
11:31 pm
>> and at number one, thunder, pelicans, tied. anthony davis! hero! new orleans won the game 116- 113. >> oh my. >> wow. >> we are right here for you. >> we will
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heavy rainfall late saturday into sunday morning. >> all right. david letterman is n ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the lost city of the airchgs, it's the late show with david letterman! plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now a utility of futility, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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